Android App - Springboard Applications
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Springboard Delivery allows you to provide a paperless delivery service by recording delivery data through the app on your mobile phone.

Functionality Of The App


  • The app allows you to scan barcodes, take photographs, records notes and signatures, and uses GPS functionality to record location information. 
  • The delivery data is then synchronised to your online database, giving a real-time view of delivery information.
Customer Web Portal
  • Track your drivers’ activities in real time and view delivery records as soon as they are created.
  • Using the route mapping feature, you can import all your delivery locations from your ERP or WMS software. Use the intuitive built-in automatic route planning feature to optimise the route using the fastest, most efficient course. 
  • Using the online dashboard, you can instantly view a snapshot of your fleet’s progress, allowing you to quickly deal with any issues.
Additional Benefits
  • The app is extremely simple and doesn’t require any training. 
  • A record is created that can be viewed at a later stage. With the capture of location information, a signature and even a photo.
  • Springboard Delivery provides proof of delivery and reduces delivery queries. In turn, this speeds up a company’s ability to invoice, thereby increasing cash flow. 
  • For users that want to maximise the benefits of the app, it can be integrated into existing ERP software.