Real-Time Tracking - Springboard Applications
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Real-Time Tracking gives you visibility of what is actually happening in comparison to the planned routes and deliveries.

  • Communicate accurate ETA information to customers via text, email or social media and ensure that your optimised plan is being used by your fleet
  • Adapt routes remotely when required
  • Alert your customers if delivery ETA changes on the day and reroute vehicles in real time if a problem arises 
  • Easily integrate route optimisation software with real time tracking through Open API and use the data to optimise future route plans
Financial Benefits
  • Increased Productivity: drivers will be likely to drive with better driving habits, adhere to the guidelines and take the most optimised routes when they know they are being monitored. 
  • Reduced Fuel Costs: Real-time tracking allows business owners to manage the expenses for fuel effectively by decreasing idle times, improving dispatching and routing and monitoring speed 
  • Reduced Labour Costs: If drivers are being paid an hourly rate, GPS fleet tracking prevents false time claims and extended trips to job sites as you are given full visibility of all routes and times
Safety Benefits
  • Reduced Unauthorized Use: Receive automatic notifications by the real-time tracking GPS system when a vehicle is driven outside of working hours or in areas that are not authorized 
  • Theft Recovery: Vehicle location available 24/7, If a vehicle is stolen, the real-time tracking system can be used to locate the vehicle.