Route Optimization - Springboard Applications
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Use route optimisation features that bring reduced travel times for your fleet. Route Optimisation ensures your customers get their deliveries sooner whilst reducing your fuel costs.

Route Optimization
  • Leverage your fleet and increase driver efficiency by using Springboard Delivery to design the most flexible and tailored route.
  • Route Optimisation ensures you meet the promised ETA and  allows for the best use of your drivers.
  • Springboard Delivery encompasses all of your delivery operations into a user-friendly platform to plan your routes as often as you’d like. 
  • Accounting for traffic, roadworks, vehicle capacities and delivery time windows, route optimisation will cut down on time and expenses.
The Springboard Delivery App
  • Track your drivers’ activities in real time and view delivery records as soon as they are created.
  • Using the route mapping feature, you can import all your delivery locations from your ERP or WMS software. Use the intuitive built-in automatic route planning feature to optimise the route using the fastest, most efficient course. 
  • Using the online dashboard, you can instantly view a snapshot of your fleet’s progress, allowing you to quickly deal with any issues.
Real-Time Scheduling
  • The Route Optimisation functionality responds almost immediately to real-time events and schedules amendments and changes accordingly.
  • Continual communication updates on delivery progress, location and speed.
  • Communicate accurate ETA information to customers via text, email or social media.
  •  Ensure that your optimised plan is being used by your fleet.
  • Reduce fuel costs by decreasing idle times.