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Springboard Applications not only improves your company’s distribution services, but leads to a greater efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and provides a platform for your business to grow.

Cloud Based Application

Being a cloud based application means there's no need to invest in expensive infrastructure. Implementation couldn't be easier, simply download the app and get started.

Easy Integration with ERP or WMS

Manage your deliveries exclusively in one application. Why not also integrate you ERP using our API? This allows a seamless process from your customer’s point of purchase, all the way to the product’s delivery.

Performance Analytics and Insights

Springboard Delivery allows you to track and monitor your operation in real time outlining performance. These powerful analytics provide insights that can be used to constantly improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Route Optimisation

Use route optimisation features that bring reduced travel times for your fleet. Route Optimisation improves customer satisfaction with quicker deliveries whilst also reducing your fuel costs.

Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking gives visibility of what is actually happening in comparison to the planned routes and deliveries. Springboard Delivery also responds immediately to real-time events and amendments giving you greater flexibility and responsiveness.

Android App

Our easy to use Android app allows drivers to paperlessly record all delivery data all through their mobile phone, and collects all the performance data needed to run your operation.

Springboard Delivery is very easy to use and has increased our recording of PODs by 30% compared to paper delivery. I would recommend this app to any delivery business.



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How Springboard Delivery can you help you

  • No costly investments in onsite infrastructure needed to implement Springboard Delivery.
  • Implementation couldn’t be easier. Simply register an account, download the android application and your ready to optimise your distribution service.
  • All delivery data is synchronised to your cloud database, giving a real-time view of delivery information, progress and tracking.
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  • Maximise the value of your existing WMS or ERP by integrating easily using our API.
  • Manage your entire logistics operations further through Springboard’s direct integration to your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS). This provides a seamless process from your customer’s point of purchase, all the way to the product’s delivery.
Analytics and Intelligence
  • Track your drivers’ activities and progress in real time and view delivery records as soon as they are created.
  • Using the online dashboard, you can instantly view a snapshot of your fleet’s progress, allowing you to quickly deal with any issues or make changes.
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Route Optimisation
  • Springboard Delivery encompasses all of your delivery operations into a user-friendly platform to plan your routes.
  • Leverage your fleet and increase driver efficiency by using Springboard Delivery to design the most efficient and tailored route.
  • Accounting for traffic, roadworks, vehicle capacities and delivery time windows, route optimisation helps cut down pollution, time and expenses.
  • Using the route mapping feature, you can quickly import all your delivery locations from your ERP or WMS software.
  • Track your drivers’ activities in real time and get updates on updates on delivery progress, location and speed.
  • Communicate accurate delivery information to customers via text or email and ensure that your optimised plan is being used by your fleet
  • Alert your customers if delivery ETA changes on the day or reroute vehicles in real time if a problem arises.
  • Geo-location and timestamp are automatically captured at point of delivery through tracking and is automatically transferred to your ERP order records. Electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) can also be captured.
  • App is extremely user-friendly and requires no training due to its simple design.
  • The App allows you to scan barcodes, take photographs, records notes and signatures, and uses GPS functionality to record location information.
  • Easy and quick to implement and roll out across your fleet.
  • Track your drivers’ activities in real time and view delivery records as soon as they are created.
  • Available on the Google Store.


Want to know more about integrating Springboard Delivery with your ERP? Download our one of our resources below tailored to your specific ERP.


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